Black Girls No Longer Sex Quarry

For three years now we have been watching an American society turning itself into knots to alternately deal with, ignore, and rationalize a military-strength hatred directed at President Obama and the First Lady of the United States, and even their children. The home of much of that hatred, as if I need to state it, is the rightwing, the conservatives, the GOP/Republican party. Within that collective you will find the vast majority of the most extreme haters this country has ever known, racists, white supremacists, and the flat out mentally ill and delusional members of our society who look for targets they can vent their hatred upon. Being a white guy I have dealt with these individuals all my life. I have angered quite a few of them at times. I have watched them become angry at all manner of situations.

There is a full range of situations and topics that will drive any man to a rage. You know what they are. The top ones seem to be things that threaten us monetarily, socially, or sexually. I believe the mindless, animal rage we are witnessing with the conservative rightwingers in our country is directly related to that third one, sexuality, and it's not JUST a perceived threat to their own sexuality, it is another threat that you don't often hear about since the subject is taboo and only comes up for discussion in the most horrible of white enclaves and backward portions of our society. You see, for some of these white guys a sex target is being removed from their sights, and it will never be put back there. This sex target is the powerless black girl.

When slavery was in fashion these white guys would be perfectly at home on the plantation, getting drunk, and picking a black girl they owned for their attention at night. They can't do that anymore, but they remember it and tales have been passed down through generations. Parents teach their children how to think, and white men have told the stories over and over again of the good old days when women - particularly black women - were nothing but sex toys who could make you a sandwich afterwards. They wouldn't dare talk back, wouldn't dare get their family involved, because they knew that meant death - which you and your white friends could easily inflict. A glare of a white man was enough to send a black woman running in fear. In today's era that is no more. Today's black women are educated, they are full members of our society, they have power, and they have families that won't stand idly by when one is attacked and even worse there is a COURT SYSTEM that will see to it that laws are enforced. This has enraged the southern white mind in ways that most of us can thankfully not even begin to comprehend.

The "southern white male mind" is present all over the country of course. It betrays itself in an attitude marked by racist comments and actions, by simple-minded aggression and authoritarianism. Some may see it as a proud heritage of the white male or they may have been poisoned by their upbringing. But this is a broken mind. The gears have been stripped, the cylinder is out of fluid, the fuel is contaminated. The broken part of the mind tells them they HAVE to have things a certain way, that THAT is how life is, that is how LIFE WAS when "we" had "our country back", but our society continually indicates their desire is out of step with our civilization and becoming MORE and MORE out of step all the time.

Now we have a kind, gentle, intelligent First Lady who is black. She is the embodiment of all they hate and fear. Educated, sexy, successful, and a role model FOR THE FUTURE. In all regards she is a positive indicator and influence on our American society. She is adored all over the world. Black women will never, ever again be treated like animals and black families will never ever again be powerless. How could it get this way? How could white society have "allowed" this to happen? This is the burning question churning within the soiled brain pans of today's hate filled right wingers, especially those camped in the GOP tent. What can you tell people who think like that?

In truth, I don't care.

Sorry, old white men, but you won't be "taking your country back" to a time when you would chase lone black women down country roads so you can catch them and do whatever you like. And let's be clear. We are talking about your desire to RAPE them, sexually dominate them, even kill them, because you once had that power. Not anymore. The black girl-as-quarry is forever gone and will never return, and you will NOT be getting "your country back", ever. The logical part of the "southern white male mind" knows that this is true, and knows they can do nothing about it. The broken part just chugs along, hitting that snapped gear, sending pain through the organism, pain that manifests itself in different ways and all ultimately unhealthy. This is, I suspect, a major component in the white hot rage so many conservative Republicans demonstrate with concern to the Obamas. First they have the symbol of Mr. Obama, a successful black male who shows them that black men can be smarter and of more obvious worth than they can hope to be. That's enough to start the southern white mind a' hatin'....and then there's his wife. A black woman. Intelligent (uppity), able to speak and contribute (very uppity), sexy and a role model for other girls - BLACK girls especially. She intimidates the southern white male mind and does more for our American society than those crippled by that type of mind can ever hope to. By all measurements she is worth MORE to American society. They can't glare at her and send her running.

Conservative southern white males will NEVER be able to glare at a black girl again and send her running in panic and fear. The black woman as sex-quarry they can chase and destroy is forever gone to them. I suspect reasons like this are what truly drive the bare knuckled, seething hatred from our rightwing friends in the Republican party. And you know what? There are TONS of us white guys out here that are glad those times are over and never, ever want to see that country "come back".